Review Policy

Update on April 2nd, 2018
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All Users of all Platforms are subject to the Policies found here, and on all Platforms. These include our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Business Listing Policy, and Review Policy.

Everyone is allowed to post a Review for any Business they have had dealings with. Reviews posted by you are considered your content, and iOPW Inc. can use that content under the rules outlined in our Terms of Service Policy.

By posting Reviews, you acknowledge and agree with the following:
  1. You are not
    1. an “Authorized Person’ as described in our Business Listing Policy, of the business whose products or services are the subject of the Review,
    2. an “Authorized Person” of a competitor of the business or individual whose products or services are the subject of the Review; or
  2. Your Review is based upon your first-hand experience with the products and services of the Business Listing Profile which is the subject of the Review:
  3. Your Review of the Business or Individual is honest, complete, accurate and truthful;
  4. Your Review does not violate any of our Policies. It is important that we provide a Platform that is free of libelous, defamatory, threatening and harassing behaviour. It is important that our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are upheld. iOPW Inc., in our sole discretion, makes final decision on determining if a review violates our terms and the actions required to remedy the situation. It must be understood that you alone, are responsible for any negative consequences in using our Platforms.
  5. If you have received any compensation to submit a Review, you must clearly state that fact in the text of your Review;
  6. You must not use reviews and the threat of non-removal of false reviews as a method to demand payment from a Business Listing. Should you have an honest issue with a Business and Individual, and are truthful in your use of the Platform to communicate in hopes to resolve any matter, then that is permitted.
  7. iOPW Inc. can update this policy at any time.