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14 days ago

First time in 30 years!

For the first time in 30 years I left a salon and loved how my hair looked. I have very fine hair and it’s pin straight. Making it look good is no easy feat. After working with Gordon I actually left the salon and did not have to go home and do my own hair over. I would spend all this time trying to make my hair look good, I’d get frustrated and end up putting up. All this putting up was making it worse, it would break and look terrible. Not to mention a colossal waste of time. Gordon changed all of that and it really means the world to me. Gordon genuinely listened to me and solved my hair issues. Now when I do my hair in the morning I am so grateful to have found Truon Park and Gordon. The entire staff is very friendly and getting my hair done is like dropping in to visit with friends. I highly recommend Truon Park I promise they will do all they can to be sure you love your hair!


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Kalhari Jayasinghe
12 months ago
My experience with Colleen was great. She is really nice person. I had a haircut with her. She understood my hair type and done a good job. Will definitely go back.

Lindsey C.
Sep 24, 2021
I literally lost all hope with my hair after going blonde with my previous hair stylist at another salon. I made the decision to visit Tru on Park after some MUCH needed damage control. I was blessed to have Gordon come to the rescue! In my first visit ever with him, I left beaming. I came back a second time to request bangs and he just completely transformed me & my confidence. And just a few days ago I came back once more for some color touch-up and he just blew me away. He understood the assignment: fall vibes and healthier hair! You have no idea how many compliments I have been getting about my hair and how it was made for me. I owe it all to him! I have also been getting botanical hair treatment each visit and that has been doing wonders for my hair. Overall I am so over-the-moon happy to have met Gordon and to have him as my stylist. I figured everyone should know about how satisfied I am! I have finally found a salon I can trust. I’m giving some before and after pictures just to show how horrible my hair was before I first met him this August, compared to now. I am just so happy! Thank you, Gordon!

Peggy Solka
10 months ago
Miranda was wonderful and explained everything about the coloring techniques she recommended. She also listened when I expressed what I wanted in my cut. I am happy overall with my experience at Tru and am loving my new hair cut and color more every day. My curly hair really needed air drying to be it's best and I'm very happy with it!

4 months ago
Moving back to NY after 25 years, I had to find a new person to work with my hair. I TRULY never looked forward to having my hair done but I will never leave! I don't write reviews but I have to hands down.....Lisa is fantastic! I actually book my appointments 1 to 2 months in advance because of Lisa. Never happened before. Not only do I love what she does but SHE is an incredible person. Thank you Lisa for all that you do. You are a joy to be around. The first time in my life, I actually enjoy having my hair done. I thoroughly researched etc and you have to make your own decision but I am just comfortable with her and i click with her. She is the best personally and professionally! What a great thing to experience...she is my fairy hairdresser :)

Brit Ray
3 months ago
So unhappy. I’ve had bad experiences getting my haircut here in Rochester. I expressed that in detail to Hannah at Tru. She cut wayyy too much length off and it’s SO uneven. It looks horrible. I left crying. It’s especially bad bc she talked the entire time ab how she was gana make sure she didn’t traumatize me anymore from previous experiences. I thought I had the worst cut of my life last yr but this clearly takes the cake. I’ll be hiding it up or in hat for MONTHS now. Idk how these people can be so awful at a blunt bob. It’s mind boggling and extremely frustrating and once again Im super embarrassed at how bad it is. Even my bangs are cut really weird. Shorter in middle than curves out. The cut looks like Roy from Dumb and Dumber. Legit traumatic. It should be all one length below the chin and it’s ab 3” shorter and really fn uneven and layered it’s so bad. I’ll be crying for the next 3 days. 😭😭

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