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Saco Hair Ottawa Uses The Best - Davines

An Expert's View On The Quality and Benefit
of Davines Hair Products

Talking with Keyscia, a talented and leading hairstylist, she had some worthwhile things to say about her experiences with Davines, " My first experience using Davines was back in 2010 at a predominantly European salon. I had no idea I had entered into the world of “luxury” hair care, nor did I expect to fall in love with the line and want everyone I knew to use it.

Davines is marketed and retailed mainly for caucasian hair, however I am a biracial girl with curly hair who is here to brag about the wonderful hair days I’ve had using Davines. From finest pigments shampoo to the Oi line, and of course, their staple day-to-day shampoo/conditioners, I’ve tried them all. And at different stages of my relationship with Davines, I have so many good things to say.

Nou-nou… for when you’ve gotten your color done? It makes your hair FEEL expensive. Momo to lock in that moisture? It’s hard to find a moisturizing shampoo that makes you feel like droplets of moisture are being deposited into your hair follicles WHILE giving it a squeaky clean feel. Solu to scrub the debris off your scalp and hair? Lightweight and epic."

The talented and expert staff at Saco Hair Ottawa rely on Davines to ensure its clients receive the best service and attention supported by the best in hair care.

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