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Salon Catherine

145 Richmond St W, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2L2, Canada

B & M Salon

26 Wellington St E, Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1S2, Canada

Special Effects In Hair

105 Victoria St, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1N7, Canada

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The person that cuts, styles, or colors your hair is most importantly someone you trust. Finding that person because you’ve moved homes, are temporarily in a new town, looking for a change or had a good friend make a referral is always a challenge fraught with apprehension. has an online feature to find a salon nearby or find a hairstylist nearby you that is deserving to make that beautiful you.
And since our passion is hair, we are also committed in many unique ways to salon suite franchisees, independent salons and self-employed stylists to grow their hair salon business. How do we grow your hair salon business? By offering a free customized consultation as well as profiling and promoting the dedication, creativity and passion of the highly talented men and women throughout the world of hair and beauty. consolidates everything there is to know and love about hair in one 360° central source, connecting age defined consumers of hair products and hair services with hair salons and hairstylists that can deliver.

The site features a unique and robust search option to find a salon suitable for you. Once you find a salon, the claimed salons have outlined for you specific services so that you can target your search further. Perhaps it is more likely you want to find a hairstylist for a special updo or downdo, or you want a brand “new you”. carries reviews of both hairstylist and hair salons, helpful in refining your search for that special relationship with your hair.

We supplement this search and decision making by publishing many relevant articles and commentary from experts in the field not generally found elsewhere. Consumers learn about the hair industry, new trends, techniques and colors, and hair hacks. Plus, you learn what to say to your stylists about advancing your “beautifulness”.
The site is also a sharing space, a source for outreach for hair salons and hairstylists where they can search and locate jobs, exchange ideas and learn from each other, one of the best organic sources to grow your salon business. And more…there are face to face consultation services on business processes, videos, tools such as e-commerce and e-marketing solutions, training modules, webinars, and best practice nodes, focused on fostering the salon suite franchisee’s, hair salon’s and hairstylist’s insights on retail, operations, social media and refashioning the client experience.
Encompassing a unique Canadian story, is the culmination of a 10-year journey by Martin White, the principal founder and two of his thought colleagues. The realized vision was committing to bring passion, creativity, imagination, and talent of hairstylists and hair salons to clients who see haircuts, color, styles, and treatments as an integral part of their lifestyle necessities.

There is nothing to stop you now to find a salon, find a hairstylist or grow your salon business.
Look in the mirror NOW and affirm “I love you”.

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