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For professionals, we offer marketing services exclusively for your industry and salon suites to help you grow your business, supported by technology that delivers accelerated growth in operations, retail sales, and marketing communications.

We significantly improve foot traffic and salon revenue for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.

*100% guarantee or your money back*

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Included as an all-in-one

  1. Social Media Assistance: We help you get The most out of your social media channels- Ask us.
  2. Client Communications: We bet you want To talk to your clients – in your voice; we Help you do it well and often.
  3. Digital Marketing: Don’t forget about your other platforms – enhance what you do on your website and Google.
  4. Commerce: Try our Personalized Products Program and enjoy incremental revenue you didn’t expect.
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Because if you don’t, your business will never expand. Not doing anything different to your current strategy = nothing changing.

  1. Google Services: Google and its services deliver more new customers than any platform. Period.
  2. Instagram: Go where the people are – don’t be irrelevant.
  3. Facebook: Don’t neglect an entire segment of your audience.
  4. Clients: If you’re not engaging with your clients, you’re doing something wrong.

Follow these 4 steps and your success is guaranteed

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MANEreviews Mission:

  1. Onboarding: Set up your Google services, and maximize your online presence, website and MANEreviews listing.
  2. Ongoing: We help you with regular publishing and posting across your online and social media platforms.
  3. Overviewing: When was the last time you reviewed your analytics? Numbers tell stories. We review your data to ensure that your online presence is responsive to your online audience.
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Want to learn more about these topics?
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  1. Maximizing your social media.
  2. Growing your digital footprint.
  3. Creating electronic relationships with your clients.
  4. Getting the most out of your paid advertising.
  5. Anything on your mind about your business – or your life!

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