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(416) 471-4572 - 610 The Queensway, Toronto, Ontario, M8Y 1K1, Canada

Elite Salon Agencies "Clients Should Be Acknowledged"

Dusko Sevkovic of Elite Salon Agencies states unequivocally
that the business from his clients and the relationship being
built together is clearly something that he continually treasures.

For many many years now we have been doing business together.
The last couple of years though, have been challenging for all of us,
and yet we have every chance for success in the future.

For our part Elite plans to communicate with its clients more often than they have in the past. The aim is not to inundate clients with message after message but rather to inform, educate, and advise about goings on and trends and new products, while at the same time maintaining the personal touch Elite has established with all its customers over the years.

As a client of Elite Salon Agencies if you have suggestions on the kind of information you'd like to receive, please let us know at any time.
So from us to you, may we see the balance of this year bring us all joy and success.

Dusko Sevkovic
Elite Salon Agencies
+1 416-471-4572
610 The Queensway,
Toronto, Ontario, M8Y 1K1

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