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Hydrating Cream With Argan Oil Available from Elite Salon Agencies

If you are looking for a hydrating cream with unparalleled results
consider this Faipa branded professional hair product...

FAIPA ‘Citylife Hydrating Cream with Argan oil’
The combination of its emollient properties and the Argan oil
makes the cream indispensable for preventing hair from
aging and to re-hydrate extremely dry hair and restore seriously
chemically damaged hair

1) What Quenches Your Hair's thirst? 🧐
… Citylife’s Hydrating Hair Cream!

Has your hair felt like it’s been living in the Sahara Desert? 🏜
Hydration, hydration, hydration ⛲️ will restore extremely dry or seriously chemically damaged hair

🥊Power ingredient: Argan Oil
🥅 Outcome: Prevents hair aging, produces re-hydrated hair 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

Inquiries and availability through:
Dusko Sevkovic
Elite Salon Agencies
+1 416-471-4572
610 The Queensway,
Toronto, Ontario, M8Y 1K1

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