Avanti Hair Salons

Avanti Hair Salons

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130 Davis Dr, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 2N1, Canada
(905) 853-5040

13 days ago

Great experience

I recently visited Avanti Hair Solon on Saturday July 30, 2022. I was coming from London and wanted an updo for a Wedding. I booked my appointment with Katrina who was extremely polite on the phone. I loved her easy going style and the style she chose for my hair. It was a great experience! I recommend getting your hair done for your next event that you go to! Thank you Katrina! It was great to meet you! Patty


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ana oblu
Jul 18, 2019
I simply love the friendly atmosphere and they are so professional. I highly recommend it

Mar 1, 2019
My go to in Newmarket!!! Known them since I was a kid, always great service and friendly staff

Love it or Quit it
Oct 20, 2018
PROS TO THIS HAIR SALON: *Ray - the owner: is a very creative, talented and caring hairstylist; knows what cut / colour is right for each person based on their face shape and skin colour; works really hard to make each client happy; knows what to do to help show off your best features; he will not do something if he does not think that it will suit you; will go the extra mile to style your hair, I preferred it when he straightened my hair *consultation on each visit *scalp massage while hair being conditioned CONS TO THIS HAIR SALON: *Salon was not relaxing: the only other stylist who worked there had her friends and family come in to visit all the time; Ray wanted to have a conversation going the whole time that I was there... so there was little chance to just relax and enjoy getting pampered; Ray seemed to hint around sometimes as if he wanted me to switch to getting the only other stylist there to do my hair instead; on my last visit there Ray accidentally got some hair colour on the back of my sweater and upon my noticing it - in an angry tone to me he said, "I will pay for your shirt!" *Ray's curling technique: involves still using the hair straightener; wound up being really too much curl... I came home sometimes with something that looked more like an "old lady hairstyle" (there are a lot of older clientele that go here too) or was being made to look like a sheep or something! It was too puffed out and was really actually just a bit embarrassing... CONCLUDING REMARKS: In the end, after about two years of going to Ray, I decided to QUIT IT! Overall, it was just way too pricey for the service / product that I was receiving. Considering the price ($120-150) and the tip (I gave a $30-35 tip - he literally stopped to thank me for it every single time after I paid him)... I believe that it should have been a more relaxing experience / atmosphere with my hair styled in a way that is not at all embarrassing!

Eric Matthews
Oct 27, 2018
Very personable staff and definitely skilled.

Carrie McAlister
Sep 10, 2016
Ray, the senior stylist, is an absolute craftsman with colour. His cuts keep their shape for a long time. No weird pieces or boring stripes. Not inexpensive but well worth the price. I don't always agree with the way he styles with the products and the curling, but that doesn't matter. His cuts are incredible no matter how you style it. He listens well too. If you know what you want he will do it, and well. Don't be fooled by his older look: he is on the ball with fashion-forward styles and ideas. Can say enough good about this place. Was recommended to me a few years ago. Customer for life!

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