Nah African Hair Braiding

Nah African Hair Braiding

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16 SE Broad St, Fairburn, Georgia, 30213, United States
(678) 668-0960

16 days ago

Best prices

I had a wonderful experience and I was a walk in. Cheap and affordable as well.


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Jen A
2 months ago
Fast service. Ask for "free". She's very sweet and did a good job on my hair. The knotless mid back length is $180.00. Which is what I got . That's about the standard price for most places but I'll still come here next time.

Amaka Anara
9 months ago
The women at this salon are wicked especially the Muslim lady. I took my 7 year old daughter to get her hair braided. I told the lady not to use heat such as blow dryer on my daughters hair. My daughter is very tender headed and has very long hair. Fast forward to 8 weeks after I took down my daughters braids, I noticed her hair was very short to the point of not holding up in a bun. The Muslim lady that made my daughters hair chopped the back of my baby’s hair because she got mad that I asked her not to apply heat on my baby’s hair. My daughter has been crying because of how short her hair is now and I am very heartbroken. Please parents, if you have to take your children to the salon, make sure you pay close attention to what’s going on. If you can, avoid the Muslim lady there at all cost. She is very rude.

Darling Nicki
Mar 9, 2020
I had fun with this hairstyle that they did for me. I’m still rocking them after five weeks later and plan to take them down in another week or so for a my daughters wedding. Only two complaints, you have to tell them not to burn your hair with that lighter in order to blend your hair with the twist and the second is you might want to cut your hair to where you know for certain where your own natural hair length ends if you’re requesting them to take out current braids or twist because it’s very possible they will cut your hair, it’s happened to me there before and when I spoke up about it, i was told “your hair isn’t that long” 🤬oh but it was because when I got home and washed and stretched it out, it was very visibly shorter by an inch and a half....however when you watch them and pay attention to what’s being done to your hair, you can be very happy with your results, I was very pleased with this style and the color scheme/pattern I choose 😂👍🏾

Genuine Heart
7 months ago
This place is a DUMP!!!The unprofessional female that answers the phone is Always late to appointments and when she arrives she has to always then go in the grocery store next to the shop to get food. Please my people of South Fulton, let’s stop supporting this unorganized place with our hard earned money

Nadine Aguntuayi
12 months ago
If you are pondering coming here, DON'T. I desperately needed my hair braided, causing me to ignore SEVERAL red flags. For starters, I called Nah Hair Braiding on Tuesday, February 8th, to ask about pricing, styling abilities, and book my appointment. I ended up booking for that same Thursday, after work, at 5:30 p.m. The one and only thing I will say I appreciate about this place is that they provide the hair and charge reasonable prices. For a style that most others were charging $150+, they did for $130, with the hair provided. Unfortunately, the positives stopped there. At the time of booking, they did not take down any of my information, which was the first red flag, but instead told me to "just come." No name. No phone number. Just come. On the day of my appointment, I texted to confirm the date/time, the price we'd agreed on and that the hair would be provided. They simply responded with "okay." Okay....what? It was a yes or no question...Second red flag - poor communication skills, but I was desperate, so I still went. Appointment time rolls around and I show up about 15 minutes late...and two ladies are working on another woman's hair.... Mind you, I made an appointment TWO days in advance for 5:30, so they should have been waiting on me and ready to start! They told me to have a seat. I waited a good 25 minutes before one lady came over and began my hair. The shop itself looks like an abandoned warehouse that was once a supermarket. It is scary and uninviting. The worst part was how rough my braider was with my head! BUT, HERE'S THE KICKER - at one point, she stopped braiding my hair - just walked away. Next thing I know, she's covered, from head to toe, on her knees, bowing and praying in the corner. I understand that she is muslim and it was time to pray, but common human courtesy and decency should have told her to at least inform the customer that she was stepping away and would return. I did not need to know what she was going to do, but simply that she was stepping away! Anyways, she comes back and continues, only to later stop to finish the other woman's here. I sat there for 30 more minutes, with my hair half-done, waiting for her to come back. At last, they finished my hair, and I was satisfied with the results. When it came time to pay, I realized that Zelle was an option. Earlier that day, before my appointment, I'd read a review that said they only accept cash. I called them and they confirmed that cash-only is the owner's policy. I asked them if Zelle or CashApp was an option and was told an adamant no. So, I slightly inconvenienced myself on my way there to get cash before my appointment...only to find out that they accept Zelle transfers..... Ladies, DON'T. Just DON'T. You'll leave more disappointed than happy.

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